The Xpress crushed the Royals 11-1

The Southern Tier Xpress' offense had a big night, peppering the Roc City Royals with 38 shots throughout the game. The Southern Tier Xpress took the lead before the halfway point in the first on a goal from Chris Dusek and never looked back.

Stuart Pearson chipped in with 2 goals and Michael Keller delivered for his team with 3 points (2 goals, 1 assist).

During the first, Pearson opened the scoring for the Xpress with a goal at 4:40. Dusek deposited what turned out to be the game winning goal at 9:46 with helpers from Gerace and Lamison. Keller quickly followed with a goal at 10:54 with an assist from Mezsargs. Keller scored a goal at 17:48 with helpers from Crowley and Grant. Mezsargs quickly followed with a goal at 19:48 with an assist from fellow Xpress forward Crowley.

In the second, Gerace deposited a goal at 17:10 with a helper from his teammate Lamison. Muecke quickly followed with a goal at 18:30 with an assist from his linemate Mezsargs. Zimmerman quickly followed with a goal at 19:36 with a helper from Heacock.

During the third period, Pearson scored a goal at 7:19 with assists from his linemates, Restle and Lamison. Dusek deposited a goal at 9:52 with helpers from Keller and Crowley. Mock quickly followed with a goal at 10:42 with assists from his linemates, Kepple and Gerace. Reid finally put Roc City on the board with a goal at 13:58 with helpers from Tonzi and Dobles.

Southern Tier’s victory was in no doubt helped out by Heacock as he stopped 13 of the 14 shots he faced. Heacock’s counterpart, Peters, also had a big night, managing to stop 27 of 38, but ultimately fell short.

This win brings the Southern Tier Xpress’ record to (23-24-0-0).